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Show Me

06 25 2015

Show Me Premiere
music video, jewelry & mirrors
Wright NYC / 980 Madison Ave
June 25, 6-8pm

Show Me features a cast of performers from Adelman's studio, collaborators and inner circle. With a electric track created by Leo Madriz and vocals by Laura Young, Show Me is the story of control, or lack thereof exressed through design, lighting, choreography, music and videography. As the central character, played by Young, moves through Adelman's world, she ultimately allows herself a momentary release from restraint and assumed limitations.

Mirroring the story's tension between the primitive and the sophisticated, the exhibition includes seven unique mirrors that are fabricated in gold fungi detailing with fixtures recalling Adelman's signature designs including gold candelabras and Cherry Bomb fixtures. Adelman's new collection will also feature a table-candelabra measuring five feet in length and a new jewelry collection comprised of ear cuffs, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings incorporating gold fungus, spikes and fur all inspired by the video's interiors.

Featured in Video:
Laura Young, The Future Perfect - Vocals, Principal Dancer
Ian Collings, Co-founder of Fort Standard - Principal Dancer
Danielle Martinelli -Artist- Principal Dancer
Leonardo Madriz, Production - Composer of Track, Dancer
Lindsey Adelman, Founder, creative director - Dancer
Ilya Brukhman, Junior Designer - Dancer
Colin Cobb, Production Manager - Dancer
Barrett Hanrahan, Studio Director - Dancer
Clare Hearns, Pre Production - Dancer
Maya Holmes, Pre Production - Dancer
Josephine Kingery, Senior Sales Associate - Dancer
Erin McAleavy, Assistant to Lindsey Adelman - Dancer
Sara Mcbeen, Founder of Paper and Light Store - Dancer
Kevin Quale,  Pre Production Manager / Senior Designer - Dancer
Mary Savel, Director of Operations - Costumes
Alex Snook,  Production - Dancer
Mary Wallis, Senior Designer - Dancer
Ryan Dickie - Cinematography




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