06 11 2019

We made each of these unique pieces in our New York studio with glass that was made in collaboration with glass artist, Michiko Sakono and her team, at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn. Paradise City plays with the ephemerality of time and light, channeled through a clash of influences, from W. Somerset Maugham (“We’re foolish when we ask anything to last, but...more foolish not to take delight in it while we have it”) to Axl Rose (“Nothin’ last forever/Even cold November rain”).

Visually, the collection, with its network of slender rods pinning fused clusters of liquid-seeming hand-blown glass, takes its cues -- and name -- from a book of photographs by Helmut Newton; the most famous of which features the model Nadja Auermann strapped into a menacing cage-like leg brace. With its mixture of fabrication techniques, Paradise City evokes scaffolding on a skyscraper, simultaneously Brutalist and delicate, geometric yet voluptuous. Made with an entirely new method -- LEDs engineered so that the light source is embedded in the surface of the glass -- these pieces render technology virtually invisible, allowing pure emotion to shine through.

Debuting at Design Miami/
Basel, June 11-16


Paradise City at Design Miami/ Basel.
Photo by Mark Cocksedge.


05 29 2019

Architectural Digest captured the making of our new collection Paradise City.

Read the full article here.



05 16 2019

We are thrilled to unveil our new 5,000-square foot showroom encompassing over 10 years of work and archival material. The new showroom offers our clients access to a vast material resource library and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the studio’s design process.
Located in the NoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, we took over the floor beneath our current Studio workshop on the top floor. Doubling our footprint to 10,000-square feet total has allowed the design and sales teams to seamlessly meet with clients in a space that houses our work from inception to fabrication.

“Now more than ever, having more space, we’re really able to serve our audience at a much higher level... A real motivation was to allow our design and sales teams to work together and meet clients. We find that since the great majority of our clients are designers and architects, they really love talking to other designers. And our clients like to get a sneak peek of behind the scenes process, so that was also part of the drive.” —Lindsey Adelman




03 01 2019

Lindsey Adelman Studio is pleased to announce our residency at The MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles. We will occupy a Mackey Apartment designed by maverick architect R.M. Schindler through November 2019. The project will unfold over the next year and will act as the studio’s lighting showroom in Los Angeles with all of our collections on view. Drawing from Schindler's ideology of redefining notions of space, Lindsey Adelman Studio is interested in experimenting with the boundaries of a “showroom”. Blurring the lines between domestic space and art installation, the apartment is a moody funhouse with our lighting systems creeping around the rooms and Illuminating moments of domestic life.

Lindsey Adelman Studio
At The Mak Center for Art and Architecture
Los Angeles, California
Through November 2019

By appointment only. Schedule a visit here




05 14 2018

In this exhibition, we are excited to introduce a new range of sconces, a series of one-of-a-kind pendants made in collaboration with glass artist Nancy Callan, and debut or newest collection, Drop System, for the first time in the US. 

Open hours May 14th-18th, 10am-4pm



Milan 2018

03 30 2018

We have partnered with Calico Wallpaper to present a joint installation of our newest lighting collection, Drop System,  alongside their debut of Oceania. Entitled Beyond the Deep, the multi-room presentation explores the effect of naturally occurring chemical reactions on surfaces and will immerse viewers into a dreamy world of alchemy and decay.

Drop System, inspired by rows of bare bulbs in NYC subway tunnels and Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie, is comprised of brass tubing and handblown mini globes. Lindsey challenged herself to be reductive in the number of unique elements such as straight lines and circles, to achieve the optimum number of potential configurations and range of aesthetic directions. Drop System can be customized as a minimalist, spare configuration or accumulate to become a more opulent, drippy organic composition.

This exhibition will also show the next iteration of Liminal Collection, which was debuted at Design Miami in 2017 in an installation entitled "The Edge of What We Know." This collection is intentionally "off menu" and much more sculptural in nature. Each mobile-like assembly is a one-off piece characterized by a spontaneous and raw sensibility.

Via Pietro Maroncelli, 7 Milano
April 17–22, 10–7p



02 08 2018

Nomad St. Moritz will take place in February 2018 at Chesa Planta, the prestigious mansion in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Chesa Planta was built in 1595. It is an impressive example of an Engadin aristocrat's house, and of domestic culture in the 18th and 19th centuries. Gorgeously carved wood-paneled rooms, beautifully painted dining rooms, and elaborate ceramic stoves will set the scene for this first edition of Nomad St. Moritz.

Nina Yashar will show our Cherry Bomb Fringe Floor Light in a presentation from Nilufar Gallery.

February 8-11

Nomad St. Moritz
Chesa Planta,
Mulins 2
7503, Samedan



12 06 2017

Lindsey pushes the boundaries of the more familiar world of lighting design in this immersive, personal project titled The Edge of What We Know.

The work is informed by the writings of physicist and philosopher Carlo Rovelli, and hangs like a kinetic cabinet of curiosities. Embracing an open-ended sense of wonder, her line of inquiry considers how our five senses may be limiting our understanding of the reality of the universe, and that science, coupled with our intuitive imagination, can point to the truth if we let it.

Design Miami/
Curio booth C06
December 6 - 12




11 09 2017

Specially commissioned for Atmosphere by Amy Lau the Edie/Empire installation will be installed at The Salon Art + Design in an environment that pays homage to the Art Nouveau period with twentieth-century masterpieces to twenty-first-century heirlooms. Fabricated from solid brass and a custom pale peach glass rolled by hand, the Edie/Empire installation is a study in contrasts between the beveled mathematical symmetry of the Empire and the kinetic explosion of the Edie.

Salon Art+Design Fair
Park Ave Armory, New York
November 9-13



11 09 2017

Nilufar Gallery unveils a multifaceted dialogue between masterpieces of twentieth-century design and contemporary projects edited by the gallery, including our Catch chandelier with fully-gilded glass.

Salon Art+Design Fair
Park Ave Armory, New York
Booth A22
November 9-13


Catch chandelier in brushed brass and white glass with gold foil 


09 20 2017

The Heavy Light is re-imagined using local building materials from Lebanon. "It was really great to think about the city itself and how the architecture is constantly getting moved around, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes for upsetting reasons. Building materials that are not always intact are a big part of their history, so trying to incorporate them into something new that is beautiful and full of light feels like an important gesture."

The "Beirut Heavy Light" by Lindsey Adelman is the Carwan gallery's latest commission, presented exclusively at the Beirut Design Fair. Lindsey extends the concept of the "Heavy Light" to Beirut and the Middle East, embodying the nuances of Lebanese architecture and incorporating the local concrete block in a new collection of Limited Edition lighting objects.

Beirut Design Fair with Carwan Gallery
September 20 - 24



MAD Museum Young Patron's Gala

05 18 2017

The Museum of Arts and Design hosted the young patron's En Plein Air gala presented by Clé de Peau Beauté and honoring lighting designer Lindsey Adelman. Upon arrival to the Bohemian Benevolent Association in New York, guests were greeted by two custom chandeliers from Adelman’s latest Cherry Bomb Fringe collection. “I was after capturing something you see in nature, like Spanish moss on live oaks, and using a rigorous industrial design process to express that,” Adelman said. “It was a mix of the very practical and the very mysterious.”  -Vogue




05 05 2017

New work by Lindsey Adelman, Mary Wallis & Karl Zahn.

An afterglow is described meteorologically as a rosy light appearing in the sky in the hour of deepening twilight. Particles in the air catch final rays of sunlight as it is refracted and scattered through the Earth's atmosphere. The glow persists till the Earth's shadow takes over the sky and as night falls, stars begin to appear. It is simultaneously a distinct and an ephemeral moment.

In this first group show hosted by Lindsey Adelman Studio, designers Lindsey Adelman, Mary Wallis and Karl Zahn interpret and express light through their own lenses. Each collection has a common foundation of rational boundaries which support organic growth and spontaneity. These physical structures act as a vehicle for the immaterial.

1 Great Jones Street
preview May 10th, by invitation
open hours May 11-12, 12-6pm
and May 21-24, 12-6pm


New collection by Karl Zahn 
for Lindsey Adelman Studio, launches this May
Photo by Lauren Coleman

Nomad with Nilufar Gallery

04 27 2017

The Cherry Bomb Cage Chandelier and Cherry Bomb Floor Light are on view with vintage and contemporary works from Nilufar Gallery.

Nomad revisits the classic idea of fairs and exhibitions to propose a new format for the 21st century. Nomad is a traveling event for collectable design that will bring together a selection of the world's leading galleries in incredible architectural locations. Nomad establishes a unique dialog between gallery works and a very personal context, gathering a community of individuals looking for a different experience. 

April 27-30
Villa la Vigie
Monte Carlo Beach Club
2 Avenue Princesse Grace
06190 Monaco

Photo by Andrea Wyner for Architectural Digest

Salone Del Mobile with Nilufar

04 04 2017

On the occasion of Salone del Mobile, Lindsey Adelman Studio releases new work with Nilufar gallery in both the Catch and Cherry Bomb collections. 

The Radial Cherry Bomb chandelier takes a classic chandelier archetype and adds a smattering of gold dusted illuminated mini-globes. The new Cherry Bomb Fringe sconce with very long fringe is inspired by the paintings of Pat Steir; a collaboration with gravity.

The Catch Rock table light is a unique edition. The stone is carefully selected and cracked open, the face polished smooth. Glass is blown and slumps over the rock's surface.

This work is on view alongside Nilufar's world-class collection of vintage and antique pieces starting April 4th.

Nilufar Depot, Viale Vincenzo Lancetti, 34
Nilufar Gallery, Via della Spiga, 32


New Radial Cherry Bomb chandelier
debuting at Nilufar gallery for Salone de Mobile April 4, 2017
Photo by Lauren Coleman

The Armory Show

03 02 2017

The Cherry Bomb Fringe floor light and pendant are on view in this special installation designed by Ricky Clifton & Jane Kaplowitz for Jeffrey Deitch celebrating Florine Stettheimer.
The Florine Stettheimer Collapsed Time Salon is presented in homage to the artist and saloniste Florine Stettheimer (1871-1944), whose remarkable life and work has influenced many artists. The Salon will be presented as a special project at The Armory Show, New York.
Piers 92 & 94
March 2 – 5

"The Florine Stettheimer Collapsed Time Salon"
The Armory Show, 2017
Courtesy Jeffrey Deitch, New York
Photo by Adam Reich

Catch Box Sconce Debut at Salon NY with Nilufar Gallery

11 10 2016

Our Catch Box sconces debut alongside new work by Claude Missir and Alexander May, and pieces from Nilufar's exquisite vintage collection.
"I continue to be attracted to the tension between the built environment and nature's intervention. This new installation of Catch sconces for Nilufar reminds me of something amorphous and alive playing and oozing on a city block of buildings.  In the past I have been inspired by examples of similar phenomena such as vines growing on a chain link fence or a ripped tarp blowing in the wind off a barn roof.  These new pieces are a distilled, paired down manifestation of this continued interest embodying a mysterious organic form in glass set free or wreaking havoc on a planned manufactured environment represented in brass."
-Lindsey Adelman
Salon Art & Design Fair
Park Avenue Armory, New York
November 10th - 14th

See the work here.



Ambrosia at The Future Perfect

10 13 2016

An exploration of a new typology in glass that integrates metals in one-of-a-kind vessels, cups and oil lamps.  These exclusive works for The Future Perfect will be shown alongside our latest lighting designs. 
Opening New York October 13th
55 Great Jones Street
Opening San Francisco Ocotober 21st
3085 Sacramento Street 
Also showing with The Future Perfect at Design Miami/ 
November 30th - December 4th
See the new work here.


Behind the Scenes of Ambrosia with Surface Magazine

10 12 2016

Surface Magazine visited Lindsey at her Brooklyn ceramic studio to discuss her newest collection, a series of unique vessels and oil lamps for The Future Perfect.  

Works in Progress: Lindsey Adelman from Surface Magazine on Vimeo.

The Future Perfect New York
55 Great Jones Street
On view October 14th, 5pm-8pm

The Future Perfect San Francisco
3085 Sacramento Street
On view October 21st, 5pm-8pm

PAD Fair with Nilufar Gallery

10 03 2016

Cherry Bomb Pendants will be on view alongside a special selection of works from Nilufar's important vintage collection.
Berkeley Square, London 
October 3rd - 9th 


Masterpiece London 2016 with Fiona Barratt Campbell

06 30 2016

Fiona Barratt curates a booth at Masterpiece London 2016, featuring the Branching Burst chandelier in brushed brass.



Nilufar at Art Basel/Design Miami

06 14 2016

For Art Basel/Design Miami 2016, Nilufar Gallery presents a selection of rare 20th century Brazilian furniture by Joaquin Tenreiro, Zanine Caldas, Jorge Zalszupin and Martin Eisler.

The presentation, curated by Nina Yashar, dynamically juxtaposes these 20th century works with contemporary projects by Michael Anastassiades, Maarten de Ceulaer, Francesco Faccin, Langlands & Bells, Pederico Peri and Osanna Visconti di Modrone.

New Cherry Bomb sconces and custom Shady Side mirrors from Lindsey Adelman adorn the walls.



Nilufar Squat #5, London

06 06 2016

Nina Yashar stages her 5th edition of Squat, a pop-up exhibition in which she temporarily furnishes an apartment using unique design pieces from Nilufar Gallery’s collection.  Through Squat, Yashar has the goal of expressing a narrative vision beyond the windows of a gallery.

This year, in collaboration with interior designer Shalini Misra and gallerist Mehves Ariburnu, Yashar has staged Squat #5, inhabiting a 230 square meter apartment located in the heart of Mayfair, London.

The apartment is available to view through October 15th.

70 South Audley Street
Mayfair, W1K 2RA London
Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00am – 7:00pm
Sundays by appointment only



Custom Cherry Bomb Fringe Flush Mount installation
Photo by Mel Yates


05 15 2016

Mary Wallis presents her Empire, Edie and Light Line collections in the windows of ER Butler, located at 55 Prince Street.  On view through June 30th.



Collective Design Fair 2016

05 04 2016

Collective Design Fair
May 4–8, 2016

Some Relationships Are Better Than Others

My presentation at Collective Design Fair explores the timeline of work emerging into being and disintegrating back to non-substance. The light fixtures I make transform from immaterial concept to systematized components to a cohesive mass and into someone else’s life. I am exploring the idea that, in a certain sense, all phases of an object exist at once. As humans we use time to break things down to help us in understanding.

The way things come into being is as interesting to me as how they transform, disintegrate, extinguish, or are destroyed. My video captures destruction while the laborious creation is implied. In slow-motion footage two hand-blown glass and brass Burst chandeliers crash into each other. There is undeniable pleasure in destroying. It’s a big part of our relationship with things as a culture.

With my installation I explore the positive side of the material world being finite. In life, objects are damaged and destroyed through dancing, playing, using, loving, sharing and living life in general. All signs point to the reality that the world as we know it, and us in it, were never designed to exist forever. The video, entitled “Some Relationships Are Better Than Others” challenges the preciousness of static objects and gives value to the power of action and transformation.

Salone 2016 with Nilufar Gallery

04 13 2016

On the occasion of Salone del Mobile, we exhibited 75 new pieces for Nilufar.  This new breadth of work includes an immersive installation of over 30 pendants, new chandelier, sconce and floor light models, as well as fresh glass colors.  The galleries remain open year round if you plan to visit.  For more information about the new work, please see here.



Nike Freelab

04 12 2016

Lindsey designed a 1-off installation for Nike, inspired by "The Nature of Movement."  Taking a cue from the visuals found in David Attenborough's documentary "The Private Life of Plants," Adelman aimed to capture the elusive mystery of nature within the constraints of human-made industrial components.


Nature of Motion Installation View, Courtesy Nike

Department of Fantasy

02 08 2016

Bloomberg News visited the studio and spoke with Lindsey and the team about production,
studio life, and the Department of Fantasy.

Read the full article here.

Photo by Bryan Derballa, courtesy of Bloomberg Business Week


12 15 2015

This Winter, Cultured Magazine invited Lindsey to design a limited edition piece for their latest Cultured Commission.  The final result, named Heavy Light, sold as a limited edition of 10 pieces through Artsy.      

"The glass - a substance typically associated with being fragile - looks tough in this piece. The glass form looks like it can take on the roughness of the raw clamp and cinderblock. I like this visceral feeling of the finesse and smoothness of the glass being a match for the brutal quality of the building materials. There is also something about the surrender, or capture/prey narrative, inherent in the clamp pinning down the sweet, uplifting glowing glass form. The glass has the last laugh." 

- Lindsey Adelman



12 01 2015

We are excited to offer free shipping, starting in 2016!  This applies to all collections, with the exception of Cherry Bomb and Catch.  Our seasonal in-stock collections will now carry a 3 week lead time. 
Starting January 1st, a pricing increase will take effect for some seasonal in-stock collections.  We are happy to honor 2015 pricing for any non-expired existing formal quotes until January 31st.

For up-to-date pricing and availability, please reference the "Pricing" tab, located at the top of each product page.


Lighting installation at Wright Auction

10 21 2015

To accompany the dramatic installation presented at Wright’s Le Corbusier + Jeanneret,
Lindsey created a minimal lighting scheme of draped cord and bare bulbs, punctuated 
by hand-crafted porcelain hooks and socket cups.  

The exhibit, staged by Wright NY Director Brent Lewis, focused on Le Corbusier’s design 
principles as applied to art, architecture and design, as well as their influence on the 
objects of Jeanneret.  



Swiss Institute

09 29 2015

PAVILLON de l’Espirit Nouveau: a 21st century show home
on view until 8 November  
Swiss Institute
18 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10013

This fall at the Swiss Institute, Felix Burrichter revisits the celebrated model of the trade fair,
seen through the updated lens of materials and techniques devised this century. Showcasing
3D print technology, our custom Marina sconces find themselves in good company with
designers like Patricia Uriquola and Max Lamb.


Fallen Angels

09 18 2015

We shot our Fall campaign upstate at Grasmere Farm with in-house models Mary Wallis and Barrett Hanrahan. Striking that magic balance between hair extensions, leaf blowers, and Ulla Johnson dresses, the final images by Steven Pan can be found in this month's VOGUE and Architectural Digest. 



Show Me

06 25 2015

Show Me Premiere
music video, jewelry & mirrors
Wright NYC / 980 Madison Ave
June 25, 6-8pm

Show Me features a cast of performers from Adelman's studio, collaborators and inner circle. With a electric track created by Leo Madriz and vocals by Laura Young, Show Me is the story of control, or lack thereof exressed through design, lighting, choreography, music and videography. As the central character, played by Young, moves through Adelman's world, she ultimately allows herself a momentary release from restraint and assumed limitations.

Mirroring the story's tension between the primitive and the sophisticated, the exhibition includes seven unique mirrors that are fabricated in gold fungi detailing with fixtures recalling Adelman's signature designs including gold candelabras and Cherry Bomb fixtures. Adelman's new collection will also feature a table-candelabra measuring five feet in length and a new jewelry collection comprised of ear cuffs, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings incorporating gold fungus, spikes and fur all inspired by the video's interiors.

Featured in Video:
Laura Young, The Future Perfect - Vocals, Principal Dancer
Ian Collings, Co-founder of Fort Standard - Principal Dancer
Danielle Martinelli -Artist- Principal Dancer
Leonardo Madriz, Production - Composer of Track, Dancer
Lindsey Adelman, Founder, creative director - Dancer
Ilya Brukhman, Junior Designer - Dancer
Colin Cobb, Production Manager - Dancer
Barrett Hanrahan, Studio Director - Dancer
Clare Hearns, Pre Production - Dancer
Maya Holmes, Pre Production - Dancer
Josephine Kingery, Senior Sales Associate - Dancer
Erin McAleavy, Assistant to Lindsey Adelman - Dancer
Sara Mcbeen, Founder of Paper and Light Store - Dancer
Kevin Quale,  Pre Production Manager / Senior Designer - Dancer
Mary Savel, Director of Operations - Costumes
Alex Snook,  Production - Dancer
Mary Wallis, Senior Designer - Dancer
Ryan Dickie - Cinematography



Presenting Mary Wallis at ICFF

05 16 2015

Mary Wallis for Lindsey Adelman Studio at ICFF
Jacob Javits Center Booth #1848 / May 16-19

Presenting new designs by Mary Wallis, including the Edie pendant shown in black and white marble, the new ceiling-mounted Edie ficture, and the Empire collection. 


Mary Wallis for Lindsey Adelman Studio, ICFF 2015
Photo by Lauren Coleman

Campaign in VOGUE May Issue

05 01 2015

Spring Campaign in VOGUE May issue, photographed by Steven Pan

Featuring the BB.11.01 in brushed brass with clear globes,
and some of our loveliest friends in clothing provided by Alasdair,
and jewelry by Emily Miranda.



04 15 2015


A mythical world of crafters. Originally released in 2010.


04 14 2015

This year for Salone del Mobile, Nilufar Gallery founder NINA YASHAR has opened her massive warehouse to exhibit new pieces from international designers among her collection of historical masterpieces. I am very pleased to present a new series of oversized brass and hand-blown glass chandeliers referencing the traps we often lay for ourselves — ones which once pulled up from the depths of the sea turn out to be empty — and even sometimes sparkly. I hope you can come by.

Exhibition locations are as follows:

Nilufar Depot
Viale Vincenzo Lancetti, 34 20158 Milano, Italy

Spotti Milano with Roll & Hill
Viale Piave, 27, 20129 Milano, Italy
Monday | 3 – 7p
Tuesday – Saturday | 10a – 7p

BDDW Milan
Via Santa Marta 19/A, 20123 Milano, Italy
Tuesday – Saturday | 10a – 8p
Opening Reception Wednesday | 6 – 10p

Roll & Hill at Euroluce International Lighting Exhibition
Salone Internazionale del Mobile | Rho Milan Fairgrounds
Hall 13, Booth H12
Tuesday – Saturday | 9:30a – 6:30p



Making of Cherry Bomb Cage

04 13 2015

Video by Karl Zahn

David Lynch Foundation Video on LAS

04 01 2015

David Lynch Foundation video on our studio's meditation practice

Cooper Hewitt Design Kids Workshops

02 14 2015

Design Kids: Lighting with Lindsey Adelman Studio
A Cooper Hewitt Workshop
March 7th, Harlem Location
111 Central Park North
1:30-3 pm

Reserve your space here



Roll & Hill Exhibit in Paris

01 22 2015

Roll & Hill exhibiting Agnes and Knotty Bubbles 
at B&B Italia/Silvera showroom
35 rue du Bac, 75006, Paris


A Visit to our NoHo Studio

12 23 2014

Video Compilation by Lauren Coleman

Miami 2014

12 03 2014

Catch and CherryBomb 
Nilufar Gallery at Design Miami 
December 3-7


Photo by James Harris

Brent Lewis Interviews Lindsey

12 03 2014

Mary Wallis Collaboration Launch

11 14 2014

Afternoon champagne at our private showroom for the Mary Wallis Collection

Friday Nov 14th
Noon to 6 o'clock
1 Great Jones St
New York NY 10012



09 17 2014

A one-night-only lighting installation
and launch of new FBC furniture collection & collaboration with Alexander McQueen.
at 12 Francis St , London, SW1P 1QN on Wednesday 17th 6-9pm
Invitation only, RSVP
May be viewed afterwards at the FBC showroom located at 66 Pimlico Rd, London SW1W 8LS
Showroom Hours:10am – 6pm Mon to Fri and 10am – 5pm on Saturday





08 02 2014



The MAD Biennial

07 01 2014

In July 2014, the Museum of Arts and Design inaugurates NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial, an exhibition that spotlights the creative communities thriving across the five boroughs today. The first exhibition to be organized under the leadership of MAD’s new Director Glenn Adamson, NYC Makers showcases the work of 100 makers—highly inventive artisans, artists, and designers who create objects or environments through exquisite workmanship and skill.



Metal Shop

06 20 2014

Lindsey Adelman Studio workshop.
Video by Lauren Coleman


06 19 2014

Cherry Bomb collection on view with Nilufar Gallery.
Basel, June 19-22



American Design in Paris

05 19 2014

"Piecework" is at the American Design show at the Mona Bismarck American Center during Paris Designer's Days, curated by Jacques Barret.
34 avenue de New York, Paris, May 19-25




05 17 2014

Large-scale installations of Agnes and Knotty Bubbles on view.
530 Fifth Avenue between 44th & 45th, New York City
Hours 10am-6pm May 17-20




05 17 2014

New works shown at BDDW for Design Week, including the Bubble Chain collection, Spike&Thorn chandelier, and Branching collection.
BDDW, 5 Crosby Street, New York City, May 17-22



Totem at The Future Perfect

05 16 2014

The Totem collection debuts in New York at The Future Perfect. These light sculptures were created in an edition of 3 unique pieces in 2014, exclusive to The Future Perfect. Totem brings together a mix of materials from brass to glass. Each element of Totem stacks to create a limitless design concept of vertical sculpture.
55 Great Jones street, New York City, May 16-21




05 08 2014

New works shown with BDDW in their VIP lounge at the second annual Collective Design Fair. Launching Line Light designed by Mary Wallis for Lindsey Adelman Studio.
Skylight at Moynihan Station, 360 West 33rd Street, New York City, May 8-11




05 06 2014

Private showing of Eugenie jewelry collection and lighting



Nilufar Gallery 2014

04 09 2014

Introducing Cherrybomb for Nilufar, a lighting system that creeps along ceilings and walls and is punctuated by clusters of luminous hand-blown mini-globes. On view among new work by Martino Gamper, Bethan Laura Wood, Nucelo, and Giacomo Ravagli.

Nilufar Gallery
Via della Spiga 32




04 08 2014

Divina textile as interpreted by 22 international design studios, including Martino Gamper, Bethan Laura Wood, Richard Hutton, Max Lamb, Peter Marigold, and Muller van Severen. 

Arcade / Via San Gregorio 43, 20124 Milan


Carwan Gallery at Design Days Dubai

03 19 2014

A new collection of Liminal Vessles by Darcy Miro and Branching chandelier shown with Carwan Gallery
March 19-22, 2014.




10 16 2013

Martha Stewart's American Made showcases American makers and entrepreneurs, with a focus on craftsmanship, creativity, curiosity and innovation.  Lindsey Adelman was invited to participate in the 2nd annual event and awards ceremony, where she was honored as a "tastemaker" for her ability to "[capture] the minds of both high-end design enthusiasts and the DIY set."

Watch the video here


Shanghai Museum of Glass Exhibition

03 28 2013

Catch is now part of the permanent collection at the Shanghai Museum of Glass.  Read more about the show here.




03 04 2013

An interactive public event pairing jewelry designers with CAD modelers to create custom 3D printed jewelry.  

Lindsey Adelman Studio participated alongside Ten Thousand Things/ Ursa Major/ Verameat/ In God We Trust/ Anna Sheffield/ Chris Habana.  Organized by Shapeways and hosted by the Ace Hotel, 20 W 29th St. NYC



02 21 2013

LEATHER, CLAY, BRONZE, GLASS & HORSEHAIR: New Lighting by Lindsey Adelman

55 Prince St. NYC
Opening February 21




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