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Milan 2018

03 30 2018

We have partnered with Calico Wallpaper to present a joint installation of our newest lighting collection, Drop System,  alongside their debut of Oceania. Entitled Beyond the Deep, the multi-room presentation explores the effect of naturally occurring chemical reactions on surfaces and will immerse viewers into a dreamy world of alchemy and decay.

Drop System, inspired by rows of bare bulbs in NYC subway tunnels and Mondrian's Broadway Boogie Woogie, is comprised of brass tubing and handblown mini globes. Lindsey challenged herself to be reductive in the number of unique elements such as straight lines and circles, to achieve the optimum number of potential configurations and range of aesthetic directions. Drop System can be customized as a minimalist, spare configuration or accumulate to become a more opulent, drippy organic composition.

This exhibition will also show the next iteration of Liminal Collection, which was debuted at Design Miami in 2017 in an installation entitled "The Edge of What We Know." This collection is intentionally "off menu" and much more sculptural in nature. Each mobile-like assembly is a one-off piece characterized by a spontaneous and raw sensibility.

Via Pietro Maroncelli, 7 Milano
April 17–22, 10–7p



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