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05 05 2017

New work by Lindsey Adelman, Mary Wallis & Karl Zahn.

An afterglow is described meteorologically as a rosy light appearing in the sky in the hour of deepening twilight. Particles in the air catch final rays of sunlight as it is refracted and scattered through the Earth's atmosphere. The glow persists till the Earth's shadow takes over the sky and as night falls, stars begin to appear. It is simultaneously a distinct and an ephemeral moment.

In this first group show hosted by Lindsey Adelman Studio, designers Lindsey Adelman, Mary Wallis and Karl Zahn interpret and express light through their own lenses. Each collection has a common foundation of rational boundaries which support organic growth and spontaneity. These physical structures act as a vehicle for the immaterial.

1 Great Jones Street
preview May 10th, by invitation
open hours May 11-12, 12-6pm
and May 21-24, 12-6pm


New collection by Karl Zahn 
for Lindsey Adelman Studio, launches this May
Photo by Lauren Coleman


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